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Larnaca, situated on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, is a city with a rich historical background. It stands as the successor city to ancient Kition, which was one of the prominent kingdoms of ancient Cyprus and the birthplace of the renowned philosopher Zeno.

Today, Larnaca is the third largest city on the island, with a population of approximately 62,997 inhabitants based on the 2001 census, including the municipalities of Aradippou and Livadia.

Larnaca International Airport serves as the main airport in Cyprus, facilitating travel and connecting the island to various destinations.

Following the independence of Cyprus in 1960, Larnaca, like the rest of the island, experienced rapid development. However, the Turkish invasion of 1974 further accelerated the growth and transformation of Larnaca.

With the closure of Nicosia International Airport due to the invasion, Larnaca’s international airport was established in the area of the salt lake. It has since become the largest and most significant airport on the island, serving as a vital hub in the Near and Middle East region.

Additionally, the loss of Famagusta, the main commercial port of Cyprus, to the Turkish invasion and occupation, led to substantial enhancements of both Limassol and Larnaca ports. Larnaca, in particular, experienced notable advancements. Moreover, the displacement of traditional tourist areas such as Famagusta and Kyrenia resulted in the development of other regions of Cyprus, including Larnaca, where numerous modern and luxurious hotels were constructed. The city also houses the primary oil depots of Cyprus. These factors have contributed to the city’s present-day prosperity.

Larnaca is an exquisite city with a distinct character, boasting several notable attractions. Visitors can admire landmarks such as the bust of Cimon, the Provincial Museum, the Pierides Museum, the Medieval Museum at Larnaca Fort, the Church of St. Lazarus, Kition (archaeological site), Kamares Aqueduct, and the Tekes Hala Sultan mosque.

In the surrounding province, one can explore the enchanting Panagia Angeloktisti church, the Stavrovouni Monastery, the archaeological site of Chirokitia in Kalavasos-Tenta, the picturesque village of Lefkara known for its traditional crafts, and the serene Monastery of Agios Minas.